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The answer is obvious, just to suffer. But while we are doing it, why wouldn’t you want to check out what am I doing lately? This site came to life exactly for this purpose, it collects my projects, adventures, which can be photos and videos as well.

Beware that I’m not a professional at any sort, so these are just part of my hobbies, one day though…

I can call myself a very small YouTuber, or a guy who takes zillions of pictures and sometimes gets lucky. The good thing is that I have plenty of space to develop, which you can follow here if you will.


That is a brilliant question indeed, you have let’s say, three options for now; however, who knows what future holds, right?

This is the sweet spot, the place where I’m uploading all the good content, photos and videos in a blog style. Amazing. Continuously uploading!
Take me there
Here is a collection from my lucky moments where I was able to find the correct timing or subject or settings or sometimes all of it in the same time.
See see
You can get to know more about me, if you are interested. Why would you do that? That is again a really good question, but there is only one way to find it out.
Have a look